Our methodology

"Inspiration can make you click and can elicit paradigm shifts. It calls you to strive for a new purpose or drives you to higher awareness."
-- The Mission Podcasts

Even if you have the best ideas, personal stories and managerial lessons to share, you will fail due to poor knowledge as to how stories work.

Through this training divided in five 55-minute sessions, your company will be able to create a stronger group of employees where, capitalizing on what your company already has, will save resources on future training, skills transfers, and increase collective emotional intelligence.

General Session Goal Specific Goal Introduction
Know your skills and the stories you have to tell. Through dynamics, recognize which skills are a sum of past histories, present experiences, and future possibilities. Dynamic
Understand what goals, objectives and collective work are. By means of task dynamics that requires collaboration and resilience, compare with task “solo” realization, discovering the value of “I want to achieve (solo)”, “share and delegate parts of the task” I want to multiply my strength and be able to measure it “and” discover that one brain complements the other.” Dynamic
Develop a collective history. Through dynamics, collect and interpret the stories of others and compare with yours.Turn away the (erroneous) view that we are more capable than we imagine. Discussion:
Compare what you say about yourself v. behavioral statistics
Discover the abilities and gaps, yours and the group, and put together the perfect puzzle pieces. By means of dynamics be able to verbalize and explore their abilities and gaps as well as the outsiders and discover what fits where to form a larger, more empowered and more competent picture. Dynamic.
Design and apply transfer methods. By means of practical exercise, be able to plan transfer models of knowledge and skill of yours and the collective, within a didactic-pedagogical framework and demonstrate at least one transfer application within the group.(A task in which the collective will resolve faster than the individual). Exercise:
Rudiments of Design Thinking …

James says: «Identifying the “why” – that is, the story — behind the actions you perform can make finding the motivation to do them easier on those days when you’re feeling less-than-inspired. Making a mental shift to reconnect to your inner source of motivation, your personal stories and how other people´s stories impact on you can give you the boost you need to get your job done. »

It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story."
-- Patrick Rothfuss