Clever By Far

The Small Groups Motivation and Management Method (SG3M). Gain power over how you think of yourself, yourself as part of your team and how you have been connecting to others. Power is a great motivator. Power will move you on.

Welcome to SG3M

James McSill brings to the SG3M methodology 40 years of experience in the educational and corporate storytelling fields. Rui Miguel enhances the delivery of seminars and workshops with his two decades of experience working with some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Our experience in IT and Storytelling, and as managers of our own companies, we have always known that not only us, but managers everywhere want teams that are effective, focused and committed to organizational goals. That´s why we have started SG3M; to help you have a team like this, bringing together the best in performance and results. SG3M´s goal is to help you to deliver! Teams only perform when and if their managers are motivating them effectively. And SG3M comes in delivering our one-day seminar that aims to create a more productive work environment by combining good motivational practices when your team understand their personal stories and gives a meaningful shake-up in the way they interact with each other and your company. We help you to establish the kind of atmosphere and culture that your team needs to excel.

Who we are


"James, before anything, is a very special human being. His heart is larger than a warm house. His joie de vivre is like a child¥s, and he is a true citizen of the world. He has a unique business like no other that I have ever heard of, that helps people bring their stories to life, using the best of the STORYTELLING craft. Or art?"
-- Jimmy Cygler, CEO at Proxis - Medical Multilevel Contact Centre
“Rui gave one of the best presentations I’ve listened to at IT conferences in years, seriously.”
-- Thomas Wedel, IBM Global Business Services Digital Opportunity Development
"He is a magician. He uses his knowledge and wisdom to put magic into words and stories.. He is always glad to share what he knows and to help others - as myself - to be able to understand and use stories in a much broader and fascinating context. He is extremely professional. I've spent two weeks at his studio in England and he had been with me every single day, even when recovering from a very serious accident. His commitment is second to none. James is simply one of the most talented, gifted and generous professionals I've had the privilege to work with."
-- Allan Costa, Co-Founder at AAA Academy KeynoteSpeaker Angel Investor
“Rui's presentation was outstanding. Thanks for this valuable insight.”
-– Thomas Esmer